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Branding & Global Trading Opportunities


Import to the U.S.

Export from the U.S.

Branding Opportunities

At PCE, we offer our expanding global network of strategic partners to streamline the flow of international business. We navigate the chain of global commerce for you so that you can avoid high costs and paperwork while counting on efficient movement and quick delivery of products.


While PCE is headquartered in the United States, we also pride ourselves on our reputation of connecting predominantly Asian and US-based companies for any and all business ventures.  We have developed ties across Asia, including but not limited to China, Taiwan, Korea, India, Singapore and Malaysia. Additionally, we have imported into Europe including the UK and Germany, as well as other countries such as Brazil and Guatemala. Reach out to us if you'd like to learn more about where PCE can take you and your business. 

Global Trading Opportunities

PCE distinguishes itself as an expert in the import and export of goods by bringing together buyers and sellers from around the world. Product categories range from food & beverages, general merchandise, beauty & health, sporting goods, fashion accessories, and beyond.


Whether you have your eye set on a specific product or you are in the researching stage, we'd love to help you with our insight and expertise of global import and export.

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